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Included is the full Major and Minor Arcana tarot deck printed 3.5x5 inch matte 350GSM paper with silver foil edges. Comes with a unique hard box case that pulls out by a ribbon and an originally written guidebook.

Invisible Light is the complete 78 card tarot deck translated through photographic images by Brandy Eve Allen. Using expired and rare infrared film, these photographs carry the essence of what each card symbolizes. 

Allen's work has been exhibited throughout Italy, where she also lived and worked in her twenties, gaining early recognition for her photographs.  She continues to create, bringing to bear the landscapes of central and southern California as her backdrop.  Using film, light and intuition, Allen draws out and captures the essence of her subject.  She doesn't shy away from the violence of this world; rather she uses it to invoke it's opposite, and her photographs are not only fearless and tender, but also generous and authentic.  As many qualities as they take on, from elegant to inquisitive to eerie, Allen's work is always unflinchingly honest.  "Beauty", Allen maintains, "is about transparent sincerity."

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