Invisible Light tarot mentioned as a favorite deck in Ruby Warrington aka The Numinous' new book called MATERIAL GIRL, MYSTICAL WORLD now published through HarperElixer.

Testimonials -
"This is by far the most stunning deck I've ever owned. The images that Brandy used are both haunting and beautiful. It's absolutely mesmerizing. I almost don't want to use it because it's so gorgeous. But thankfully the cardstock is also incredible so I dont have to worry about harming the cards. I get the most wonderful energy when I'm working with this deck. It is absolutely worth every penny. Stupendous work."
"I got mine today; what a wonderful surprise! Wow, these are just lovely. The box is so nice and sturdy, and the cards have a wonderful smooth but satiny lamination, and such beautiful colors. You can really see the attention to detail!"

"This is an incredible deck and the booklet is also quite exceptional. I usually slog through twenty or more decks to find something half this good."

"This deck is a whole new immersive experience. I enjoy the way this deck shuffles with its flexible card stock and matte finish. I am in love with the contrast of colors vs shades of black and white in the deck. To me the deck has a very timeless ethereal feel to it and I am glad I have it in my collection."

"Among the photos that I find significant in this respect are those used in the Sun and Hermit cards, because of the stark contrasts between light and shadow. So, all we can make out of the woman in the foreground of The Sun card is her figure in black, suggesting the philosophical observation that the brighter the light, the darker the shadow, (as well as the Jungian concept of the “bright shadow.”) In the Hermit card, the pyramidal structure of the tent is dramatically illuminated, echoing old stories about the hermit as the one who shines a light in the wilderness, to point out the way that leads outward and upward."

"The concept of this deck is beautiful.. Capturing the light we cannot see.. It feels dreamy yet haunting."

"This deck is really nice. I like the color scheme a lot. I also got a kick out of the Chariot card. A boat on dry land! Seems to show the struggle it takes to get ahead sometimes. I appreciate that it's photographic, too. I think that's the hardest kind of tarot deck to create. Excellent work on this."